2012 - NDCL Aca Dec - 2013Why Join Academic Decathlon? For the prestige, for the honor, & for the glory!!! This Year's Topic: Russia

Proposed OHAD Schedule of Events for 2012-2013

November 1, 2012

Team Rosters and GPA Forms Due

Saturday, November 10, 2012

OHAD Scrimmage (at Willoughby South)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Super Quiz Saturday (at Youngstown Christian School)
Round-Robin Style Super Quiz Event

Saturday, December 15, 2012

OHAD Scrimmage (at Lake Catholic)

February 1-2, 2013

OHAD Regionals (at Youngstown State University)

March 1-2, 2013

OHAD States (at Lake Eerie College)

NDCL Academic Decathlon

  • We are a team that will be tested on 10 subjects: interview, essay, speech, science, math, economics, super quiz, art, language & literature, & music

    • Although you will be tested on all 10 areas, you can specialize in a specific field & try & win that specific area!

    • Students will be categorized based on their GPAs for the last two complete school years (ex. 10th graders - 8th & 9th GPA)

      • Honor Division 3.750 - 4.00

      • Scholastic Division 3.00 - 3.749

      • Varsity Division 0.00 - 2.99

Tentative Study Schedule:
Every couple of weeks the team can focus on the following topics in this order. Once everyone feels comfortable with most of the material a practice test will be given. Remember to be thinking about your resume and prepared speech. Bring them to our practices for feedback. Throughout our practices we will be practicing impromptu speeches and interviewing skills.
  • Topic #1: Music -Katie Moorman
  • Topic #2: Mathematics -Joe Cermak
  • Topic #3: Economics -Joe Graham
  • Topic #4: Art -Michalena Mezzopera
  • Topic #5: Social Studies -Molly Smith
  • Topic #6: Language/Literature -Sydney Otto
  • Topic #7: Science

Changes to the 2012-2013 Super Quiz™
  1. Team performances in the Super Quiz Relay™ will now count up to an additional 6,000 points toward overall team totals, which will be out of 66,000 points.
  2. The Super Quiz Relay™ team total will be based on the top two Honor, top two Scholastic, and top two Varsity scores during the Super Quiz Relay™.
  3. The Super Quiz Relay™ will not affect individual scores, which will continue to be out of 6,000 points.
  4. The six students whose scores count toward the Super Quiz Relay™ team total will not necessarily be the same six students whose individual scores count toward the overall team total.
  5. The Super Quiz Relay™ format (30 or 45 questions, 1 or 3 students on stage at a time) will otherwise remain the same.
  6. Both Science and Social Science will be 50-question, multiple-choice format written tests, worth 1,000 points each.
  7. The Essay event will feature topics from Science and Language and Literature.
  8. Online competitions will not include a separate Super Quiz™.
We look forward to an exciting 2012–2013 season and to a Super Quiz
*NOTE: While the 2012–13 Science Resource Guide will be a compendium of previously published articles, it will not be the “Super Quiz™” subject. Beginning with the 2012–13 Academic Decathlon® season, the Super Quiz™ will be an oral relay only and will include questions (in multiple-choice format) from six different subject areas: art, economics, language and literature, music, science, and social science. The science test will be a 50-question, multiple-choice format written test.

COACHES: Mrs. Adrienne Fox & Mrs. Molly Schneider
2012-2013 Team Members:

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